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Store-Bought Products

Probably about 2-3 years ago I noticed that my scalp was always very flaky and at times looked & felt like I had psoriasis on my scalp. My scalp hadn’t ALWAYS been like this so I started trying to figure out why. I switched all my products one by one trying to figure out which product was causing this to happen to me. I was using the LOC (leave in conditioner, oil & cream ) method for my hair at the time so I knew it had to be my leave in conditioner or my cream that I was using.

So I started trying all different brands and products;  I tried the expensive name brand “natural hair” products, I tried the cheaper “natural hair“ products & I tried anything in between but nothing seemed to really keep my scalp from flaking. I was constantly self-conscious about if people noticed that my scalp was flaky  or that what looked like psoriasis on my scalp was flared up again. 

There were times when I would come across specific products that would work for a little while and then suddenly my scalp is flaking up again and my head was itchy; I just couldn’t find anything long term that worked with MY hair. I started realizing that even though I was buying no sulfates, no parabens, no phthalates, no mineral oil, no petroleum & no propylene products that maybe all the other chemicals or fragrances in the store bought products were causing my scalp to react like this.. So I tested my theory. I’ve been without store bought products in my hair for the last 6 months I would say. I’ve been using oils in my hair & I have seen my hair do nothing but FLOURISH. 

So I say all of that to get to this, if you’re having all the same issues that I was having with store-bought products causing your scalp to flake and be itchy then maybe you should try to go without certain store bought products and go completely natural with your products. I promise that if you can find out what products work best for your hair type and curl pattern like I did then you will see your hair transform in ways that you’ve never seen it before.

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