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My Journey

“I come from a mixed race background of black and white . Growing up I had to go through trial and error to learn my hair type and how to take care of it. I’ve been through the phase of straightening my 3a/3b/3c curls out everyday in high school and constantly dyeing my hair until it was extremely dry and breaking off. At one point my hair actually crunched when I touched it.

Eventually I was essentially forced into going completely natural and using all-natural products with my hair; so it started off with using actual mayonnaise in my hair doing protein treatments and deep conditioning every week until my hair was stronger. Then I started making my own deep conditioners. Eventually I was making my own facial cleansers and now I’m making my own hair and skin oils and have been for the past 3 years. I constantly get compliments on my hair and that’s because I really do put tender love and care into my hair and I do the same with all of the products that I make and sell.

Amongst my friends and the people who know me, I’m the person they come to for advice on what to use and what to try with their NATURAL hair and I feel like that should tell you a lot. I do a lot of research on ingredients before I use them and I know what I’m talking about when it comes to taking care of curly, natural hair.

My hair is a 3a/3b/3c curl pattern and it loves all of the rich oils that are in the hair oils that we sell, along with the herbs that have completely moisturized and transformed my hair. My curls have more pop, my hair FEELS so much softer and more moisturized, and my hair is noticeably longer as well. Hair care really does start at the scalp. If your scalp is healthy then your hair is healthy and can grow even more.

For some people, they’re hair isn’t growing because their scalp isn’t moisturized and they don’t apply the correct oils for their specific hair type. I feel like it’s also important to mention that your hairs level of frizziness also depends on the amount of moisture that is in your hair, so if you find that your hair tends to be very frizzy and dry then definitely try our Original Hair Growth Oil and you will see amazing results.

I have been making oils and products for my own hair since 2016. This specific oil that we currently sell came about over the last few months of 2020 because my scalp and hair kept getting dried out by store bought products - no matter what I tried. Secondly, I was having hair loss/alopecia issues from the contraceptive that I was taking at the time.

Within 2 weeks of using our Original Hair Growth Oil I started noticing hair growth. I also noticed that the amount of hair that I was losing had lessened significantly. After about 1 month I had about 1/4 of the hair loss that I originally had before using the Original Hair Growth Oil.”

- Mykala A. Isler, Founder & CEO