Free Rose Oil sample included with every Hair Oil purchase. *While supplies last.

The Process

Step 1: We pour one of our carrier oils into a bowl of one of our special herbal blends by hand.

Step 2:
Our unique infusion process takes several hours to complete. Using low heat permits for the herbs to slowly introduce into the oil, allowing for the highest quality extractions, with all of the natural properties and benefits of the herbs perfectly harnessed into the oil.

Step 3: We strain the oil, removing most of the herbal ingredients, only leaving behind the infused oil along with the unique properties of the herbs.

Step 4: Once we process, verify, and then fulfill your order, it will be marked “shipped” and you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. You can follow your order's status by clicking the link.

If by any chance you can't find your shipping confirmation email, please notify with your order number in the subject line.